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Master Series 50 Feet Bondage Rope

Karada 50 feet of premium nylon bondage rope at 0.635cm in diameter. Combine different lengths of rope or cut your rope down to size with houshold scissors and seal the ends to avoid fraying by heating them with a lighter.

The premium nylon used to construct these ropes makes them feel incredibly soft and sensual against skin. Each rope length is braided and done so without any inner core. The sensual feel enables a longer wear and won't leave embarrassing tell tale marks.

It's an easy to use rope that's versatile and best of all can be machine washed. Don't worry about getting any lubes or lotions on this rope and leaving it feeling sticky, instead place the length of rope into a mesh lingerie laundry bag and wash in the maching.

Tie your lover into position and keep them there with the sturdy nylon that makes up the Karada Black Bondage Rope. It creates sturdy and safe knots that won't tighten when pulled like inferior quality ropes or household items, and always stays in place. Plus you have the added safety feature of knowing that this rope can be cut with scissors, so if knots end up more complicated then there is always a simple way out.
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