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Tight delight, for a totally fulfilling experience. 

Innovating new S shaped tunnel design. Sensitive nodules and ridges for enhanced feeling.

A totally new evolution of LoveClone RX molecular skin technology. A profound kinetic material which has been improved to exceed all dimensions of any existing materials today. Its new and improved chemical formula gives the LoveClone RX an even more realistic skin texture and viscosity. This means you really can't tell the difference between our device and the real thing. Our material has even more elasticity to give spring and return skin. 

To complete and totally authenticate the realism of this vagina, we gave it life like coloured features all of which are set in this magnificent non toxic skin.

Gives you an everlasting feeling of that tight vaginal shaft you always dreamt about, time & time again.

Product details:
- 7" / 17.8 cm
- Soft Ridge: Texture Softness of a Real Vagina.
- Clinically Sophisticated. Non Toxic. No Phthalates Content.
- Non-tacky Formula. Anti Friction Talc Not Required.
AUD $49.95 Qty





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